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Both Android Phone and iPhone have a Sensor, but both of the Mobile Sensor work is different. Most people today have an Android Phone, all of them know about the RAM, the internal memory, the camera of how many pixels, which processor, etc. in Android phone, but very few people know about all the mobile sensor.
A device which identifies or measures a physical attribute and records indicates or otherwise responds to it. A sensor is a device, module, or subsystem whose goal is to detect Specific input can be one of light, heat, speed, humidity, pressure, or other environmental events. The output is usually a suggestion that converts sensor space to human-readable representation or is broadcast electronically on a network for reading or further processing.

Today, almost all of the Android Smartphone uses a variety of sensors. You might have noticed that when you call, then bring the phone to your ear, then the light of the phone automatically turns off and removes it from the ear, then light automatically gets on. All this can be done by the Sensor and similarly, there are many types of Sensor in the mobile.

By controlling your Phone Brightness through the same sensor, Capture and Rotate Photo is done by Etc if we say in simple words, the Sensor is the one who steals the input given by the user.

Types Of Mobile Sensor

Proximity Sensor

This sensor is available in Android and OS all Smartphone. You can see this Sensor made in Round Shape on Top Side in the front of Mobile. This Sensor does the job of measuring your physical closure.

You should have noticed that whenever a call comes to your phone, as soon as you receive the call on your ear, your mobile display automatically turns off and as soon as you remove it from your ear It automatically gets its display on.

The advantage of this is that your phone’s battery is less use and Call Hold and End does not occur when you have Mobile Touch with your ear and face. This is due to the Proximity Sensor.

Accelerometer Sensor

It works to rotate your phone’s screen. When you view any video on your phone, this software tells the phone that you have grabbed the phone vertically or horizontal it rotates the phone’s screen accordingly.

This software only has to control the rotation of the phone. You must have seen the option of Auto Rotate in your phone when you turn on the option of Auto Rotate, in whatever degree you capture the phone, it automatically gets in the vertical and horizontal mode.

Gyroscope Sensor

It works just like the Accelerator Sensor, this allows you to rotate Screen to 360 Degree. This is designed to watch the video of Version 360 Degree and Capture Photo. This is the Advance version of Accelerator Sensor so it gives Perfect Information to your Phone Software.

Hall Sensor

Hall Sensor is used as a Smart Sensor for the Use Flip Cover. When you put Flip Cover made on a Magnet above the phone, you will see that the display of your mobile automatically turns off and when you remove that cover from the display of your phone, automatically the phone’s display is turned on. So how does the mobile know about it that the Cover is kept or removed from it, it is done by Hall Sensor only.

Ambient Light Sensor

Ambient Sensor is also called Light Sensor, it can be seen near Proximity Sensor in all Smartphones. This Sensor Automatically works to reduce or decrease the Brightness level of your phone so that if you are in Daylight, it automatically boosts the Brightness of your phone.

And when you live in darkness, then it reduces the brightness of the phone automatically so that you can see the phone’s screen better, this will cost less your phone’s battery, which increases the phone’s Battery Life.

Geomagnetic Sensor

Geomagnetic Sensor is also known as Magnetometer. Many people do not know about it, you can understand by its name that it works like a Magnet. Magnetometer works like Compass in your phone if you have Magnetometer Sensor in your phone then you do not need Compass separately.

With this, you can find directions like the East, North, West, South, etc. Also, this Sensor is also used to detect Metal. Metal Detect Apps can detect metal only by this same sensor.

Infrared Sensor

Infrared Sensor is available in all Smartphones nowadays. By using this sensor, you can use your mobile to create a remote of the TV and change the channel of Television. That is, the Infrared Sensor will work as a Universal Remote, you can use your mobile as a Remote Control, such as TV, DTH, Setup Box, DVD, AC, Home Theater and any device that runs from Remote You can control from your phone.

Fingerprint Sensor

By using the Fingerprint Sensor you can unlock the phone from your Finger, it saves the print of our finger, and whenever you touch your finger on this Fingerprint Sensor, your phone becomes unlocked.

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