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On 07 April 1969, the Internet was born as a US Army project. Let’s learn the interesting facts, records and a story about the Internet that caused a stir about hacking.
Nowadays we use internet browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, but in 1993, the Mosaic (NCSA Mosaic) web browser was used for internet access, which was discontinued in 1997.

There is no country in the world that is not using the nat, but still, there are many countries where governments do not allow people to use the nat. Like the North Korean government does not allow the people of their country to use the Internet, and the Government of a big country like China has also banned many web sites.

Robots use the internet more than humans

According to the report ‘Boat Traffic Report 2016‘ by security firm Imperva last year, 52% of the world’s total web traffic is owned by boats or such programs which are for automated tasks. Only 48% percent of people use the internet.

What is www?

The full name of the www is ‘World Wide Web‘. Some people understand www as the Internet but it is not so. For your information, let us know, both world wide web and the Internet are different things. WWW is only for pages on the Internet, while the internet is also bigger in addition to this. The www was invented by ‘Tim Berners-Lee’ and ‘Robert Cailliau’ in 1989. But it started on 6th August 1991 for the general public.

Tim Berners-Lee, who searched for the World Wide Web, was apologized for double-slash (//) in any web address. In 2009, he said that web addresses could easily be created without slash. People have trouble with this.

Facts about Internet

  • The most shocking fact is that Google itself says that it has only 0.004% of the total internet data, 99.996% of the rest is known as ‘Deep Web‘.
  • The Internet was launched by the VSNL (Videsh Sanchar Nigam Limited) on 14 August 1995 for the general public in India.
  • Google has 6,586,013,574 searches in a day, 15% of which are never seen before by Google.
  • Anthony Greco was the first person to be arrested in 2005 for sending spam messages.
  • Ethan Zukerman‘, the person who gave the idea of ​​pop-up ads, is still concerned that he gave birth to one of the most disliked methods for advertising on the Internet.
  • 25 years ago today, there were only 130 websites on the Internet in 1993. Google was also not and had to pay money through an ISP to create an email account. ISP means, Internet Service Provider.
  • More than 10,00,000 new domains are registered each month. According to January 2018, there are approximately 1 billion 30 million websites on the internet.
  • The world’s first website,, was launched on 06 August 1991.
  • American industrialist Mark Cuban bought an online business jet in October 1999. The price was $ 40 million. This is the biggest purchase online.

The Story Of The World’s First Hackers

October 12, 1983. The nervous Criss suddenly called Detroit (America), a boy named Bill Landworth. Chris said to him- ‘Do not call me now. The FBI has raided my house ‘ Bill agreed. He knew that the next number is his own. The following day the FBI officers red-handed Bill’s father’s house (San Diego). There they found many evidence of hacking and found a computer hidden under the bill of sister’s sister. The investigation revealed that 18-year bills and 14-year-old Chris Hanking run a group, named ‘The Inner Circle’.

To be Continued…

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